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Unlock your eCommerce potential with Zapper and BoxCommerce

Unlock your eCommerce potential with Zapper and BoxCommerce

Starting an eCommerce business can be daunting, especially when it comes to setting up and managing your online store, and let’s not even talk about the payment process.

But what if you had partners that made this journey not just easier, but also more rewarding? Enter Zapper, your golden ticket to seamless payments and customer engagement and BoxCommerce, your all-in-one eCommerce solution.


What is BoxCommerce?

BoxCommerce is an all-inclusive eCommerce platform designed to broaden the net for businesses of all sizes, no matter how small. This comprehensive solution simplifies the process of creating and managing an online store, enabling you to focus on what you do best, selling your products and engaging with your customers.


Why Choose BoxCommerce?

BoxCommerce offers a suite of integrated tools that make running an online store a breeze:

  • Logistics Features: They’ve got you covered for both local and international deliveries.
  • Social Media Stores: Social commerce and conversational commerce are the future.
  • Marketing Tools: No need to buy expensive third party posting tools or marketing tools.
  • Seamless Payments with Zapper: Benefit from the best payment solution in the business.

Oh and did we mention, it only takes seven minutes to get your business online!


The Zapper Advantage

With Zapper’s ongoing commitment to enhancing merchants’ payment experience, our partnership with BoxCommerce brings you an unparalleled eCommerce solution. Zapper isn’t just a payment partner, it’s your gateway to reaching the right audience and growing your business, in essence, your partner in growth.


Here’s why:

  • Connect with Over 30 Million Customers: As a Zapper merchant, you gain access to a vast customer base and partner integrations with other payment apps like ABSA, Nedbank, Capitec etc.
  • Unmatched convenience: Scanning a QR code launches the user into the digital experience with a single tap, making it faster and more efficient than other payment methods.
  • Enhanced Security: QR code payments with Zapper keep your payment details secure, protecting both consumers and merchants from fraud and data theft.
  • Insightful Data and Analytics: Zapper provides merchants with comprehensive reports and insights, enabling them to understand customer preferences, optimise operations, and tailor marketing strategies effectively.
  • Quick Capital: Understanding the intricacies of operating a business, Zapper’s flexible funding allows you more freedom in deciding how the money will be used to grow your business, unlike traditional funding methods with strict usage guidelines.
  • Customer Engagement Features: Utilise reports, insights, and customer reviews to refine your strategy.
  • Offer Vouchers and Build Loyalty: Enhance customer loyalty with personalised offers.


And that is only the tip of the iceberg…


Why the Zapper and BoxCommerce Partnership?

BoxCommerce chose Zapper as their payment gateway in South Africa for its reputation as a dependable, widely recognised, and technologically advanced payment solution. When entering new markets, BoxCommerce strategically collaborates with local logistics and payment partners that uphold high standards of quality and service delivery. Zapper fits this mould perfectly, ensuring everything runs smoothly so you can focus on what truly matters.


What Makes This Partnership Unique?

This collaboration brings together two South African businesses with a shared vision, to make growth-inspired payments easy, accessible and affordable for SMEs. By combining forces, BoxCommerce and Zapper enable exponential merchant growth, offering not just payment solutions, but also robust marketing support.


Ready to take your eCommerce journey to the next level? With Zapper and BoxCommerce, you can build your online store in just 7 minutes. Embrace the freedom to focus on your product and marketing while we handle the rest.


Sign up now and start your eCommerce adventure with the best in the business.

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