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Zapper shares some key terms and phrases you should know about the fintech world of mobile payments.

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3D Secure: 3D secure provides an extra level of safety and security to your payments. 3D secure verifies all three parties that play a role in a transaction, including the customer, the merchant, and the technology that enables the transaction. We use 3D secure at Zapper to ensure the safety and security of our customers and merchants.




AI: Artificial Intelligence (AI) is not just Chat-GPT. AI has been around for far longer! AI refers to the way in which computers are taught how to interact with humans, problem-solve in human-like ways, and more. Zapper uses AI technologies to constantly improve its operations and innovation.

AML: Anti-Money Laundering (AML) best practices exist to curb illegal financial activities. At Zapper, we comply with the top AML standards.

API: An Application Programming Interface (API) is a set of rules, algorithms, and code that enables applications to communicate with each other. Zapper provides versatile APIs and SDKs to seamlessly integrate into your business payment operations.




Cash Advance: A cash advance is a business loan that you can get when those lean months hit. Zapper offers its network of merchants a cash advance through Quick Capital. Get cash in a Zap when your business needs a boost. Quick Capital from Zapper gives you flexible funding that enables you to pay as you trade.

CIPC Registration: As a merchant, you need to register as a business in South Africa. That registration is conducted with and processed by the Companies and Intellectual Property Commission (CIPC). It’s quick and easy to start your business, when registering with the CIPC. Once that’s all done, don’t forget to sign up with Zapper, so we can help your customers just Zap it to pay you.

Contactless Payments: Contactless payments enable you to make payment without physically interacting with a device. For example, there’s no need to swipe your card and type in your PIN when you’re paying with Zapper. Just Zap it.

Contactless POS Terminal: A contactless Point of Sale (POS) terminal is a device or item that enables contactless payments. Yes, when you pay with Zapper, you’re interacting with one!




Disbursements: The process of distributing funds or making payments to individuals. It involves transferring money from a central account or wallet to the intended recipients, such as customers or employees. Zapper disbursements are facilitated through bank transfers, from the customer’s mobile wallet or store of value into their bank account.

DL: Deep Learning (DL) is a set of technologies, code, and more that organisations use to get the downlow (see what we did there?) on their data. At Zapper, we use DL to analyse data and provide invaluable customer insights to our merchants.




Fintech: Fintech is the well-known abbreviation for financial technology. Financial technology is the broad term used for the application of modern technologies to financial solutions. Zapper is a proud fintech company based in South Africa.




In-App Payment: In-App payments take place completely inside a mobile application. You can make in-app payments securely and quickly, using Zapper.




KYC: Know Your Customer (KYC) is a process used to verify your identity and other credentials. At Zapper, we use KYC processes to verify our Merchants and customers, so that we adhere to all obligations in terms of the Financial Intelligence Centre Act No. 38 of 2001.




Loyalty Programme: A loyalty programme is run by a retailer or organisation, and rewards you for being a loyal customer. Through Zapper, our merchants run highly successful loyalty programmes, giving their customers vouchers, discounts, and freebies.




Machine Learning: Machine Learning (ML) is a subset of Artificial Intelligence (AI). ML helps businesses learn how to predict outcomes or results without direct programming. We use ML at Zapper to provide uniquely valuable customer insights to our Merchants.

Merchant Portal: A merchant portal is an online space where you log in to see all transaction information associated with your account. At Zapper, our Merchant Portal gives you detailed information on every transaction, your cash flow, sales history, and more.

MFA: Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) provides extra levels of security to your online activities, platforms, and transactions. MFA means you need to provide 2 or more pieces of information to verify your identity, confirm a purchase, or gain access to a system. We use MFA at Zapper to ensure our customers and merchants are always assured of the security of their transactions.

Mobile Banking: Mobile banking is the easiest way to bank, using just your mobile phone. While Zapper isn’t a mobile banking application, it does make your life easier when you want to pay for goods and services. You just Zap it.

Mobile Vouchers: Back in the day, you used to collect stickers on a little card from your favourite coffee shop, every time you bought your favourite beverage. Nowadays, you’ll find mobile vouchers inside your Zapper app, where our merchants give you a discount voucher, or free items to enjoy, as part of their tailormade loyalty programme.

Monthly Fee: The monthly fee you pay to use Zapper to help your customers pay you through Zapper. Customers pay no monthly fees for using Zapper to pay, however, Merchants do.

MPA: A Mobile Payment Application (MPA) is a software application that enables you to make payments using just your mobile phone. Wait, we do that! We’re Zapper. It’s nice to meet you.

mPOS: Mobile Point of Sale (mPOS) devices work just like your typical cash register or terminal, except they’re found on a mobile device. Zapper integrates into your mPOS systems to help you receive payments in a Zap.




NFC: Near Field Communication (NFC) technologies enable two different devices to interact with each other. Very often, one of these is a terminal and the other is a mobile phone. Zapper uses NFC technologies as one of the ways we help you make or receive payments.




OTP: One-Time Password (OTP) technologies give a user an extra layer of security for their transactions. You’ll be sent an OTP via SMS, email, or another messaging method, to verify your payment or transaction. We use OTP technologies at Zapper to help you and your money stay safe while you shop.




P2P Lending: Peer-to-Peer (P2P) lending is a way to loan money without using a traditional financial institution as an intermediary. Zapper gives business owners the opportunity to boost their cash flow in a similar way, with Quick Capital.

Payment Gateway: Payment gateways are the backbone of eCommerce. Payment gateways enable online retailers to authorise credit card payments, direct payments, and mobile payments. Zapper is a payment gateway that easily integrates into your online store.

POS: Point of Sale (POS) is the place, device, or technology where the magic of transactions happen. Zapper integrates easily into your POS systems and terminals.




QR Code: Quick Response (QR) codes are a type of barcode that can be scanned using your mobile phone. QR codes can be used to link to websites, or just about anything. Zapper uses QR code technologies to enable you to pay, or receive payments.

Quick Capital: Get cash in a Zap when your business needs a boost. Quick Capital from Zapper gives you flexible funding that enables you to pay as you trade.




Transaction Fee: For every transaction that takes place using Zapper, a transaction fee is paid. That transaction fee is paid by the Merchant, to Zapper.




VAT: Value Added Tax (VAT) is a type of indirect tax. The South African government decides what the VAT percentage is (it’s currently 15%) and VAT is added to most items, goods, and services, provided by South African businesses. Your Zapper monthly fees will include VAT.




Zapper: Zapper makes payments personal and rewarding for customers and merchants. Using world-class QR code and URL-based technologies, Zapper gives you lightning-fast, secure payments.

Zapper App: The Zapper app is a nifty, snappy way to pay, using just your mobile phone. Don’t swipe your card. Just Zap it.

Zapper Merchant App: The Zapper Merchant App is your portal to overseeing all information on your business transactions. At Zapper, our Merchant App gives you detailed information on every transaction, your cash flow, sales history, and more.

Zapper Transaction: Any transaction that takes place between a consumer and a Zapper Merchant is a Zapper transaction. Yes, those Zaps that mean cha-ching into your bank account are Zapper transactions.

Zapper User: Zapper users are the smart customers who know they don’t need to fish around for their card, or carry around cash, to pay for what they want. They just Zap it, using the Zapper App.

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