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Earn. Buy. Gift. Share.



Easily configure vouchers by a specified amount, percentage, or product and provide customers with seamless redemption.

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Reward your customers with our seamlessly redeemable digital Zapper Vouchers.

Voucher Types

Zapper Vouchers can be purchased, earned, shared, and gifted, directly in-app.
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Voucher Configuration

They’re highly configurable.

Zapper Voucher values can be configured for a specified amount, percentage, or product, assignable to one or many consumers, at one or many merchants, for single-use or multiple redemptions.

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Amount, percent, or product


Push, via web, text, email, social, or print


Direct, proximity, auto, download, earn, buy, gift, or share


One or many recipients, merchants, and redemptions

Even more Customer Engagement.

Loyalty Programmes

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Encourage loyal customer engagement.
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Rating & Reviews

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Gather invaluable customer
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Inform and entice with digital flyers & promotions.
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Sign up and reward customers with unique vouchers.

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