The rewarding way to pay

Zapper is changing the way you pay, making it faster, safer and more rewarding.

Pay quickly and safely

A complete lifestyle solution enabling you to make fast, easy and safe payments with a quick scan from your smartphone. Use Zapper to pay at your favourite shops and restaurants, purchase online, donate to charities or fill up with fuel.

Split your bill easily

Split your bill by number of people, or by your own amount to make paying even easier. Zapper also gives you the option of adding a tip and works out the amount for you.

Discover, enjoy and share vouchers

Get rewarded when you spend. Access vouchers and loyalty cards that are freely available for download within the app.

Earn loyalty rewards

Say goodbye to a wallet full of cards! Earn digital loyalty cards at your favourite merchants and fill them up by paying with Zapper.

Pay bills and fines

Settle outstanding bills and traffic fines in a variety of municipalities. Zapper will remember your details for next time so you can easily pay on the go.

Enjoy insider benefits

Receive messages, insider-deals and promotions directly from merchants you’ve transacted at.

Review past payments

All your receipts are stored as you pay for you to conveniently view and share them later.