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Whether you’re a merchant or user, we’re here to help. Please check the frequently asked questions below.

How to accept Tap on phone?

Once you have download the latest version of your Zapper Merchant app for Android. Customers simply hold their card or device against the back of your mobile phone when the Tap to pay feature is active to trigger a secure, contactless payment.

I didn’t receive my OTP verification code, why?

One time pin (OTP) SMS’s can sometimes be blocked for the following reasons:
Your mobile number is registered with the WASPA Do Not Contact list. Click here to read more about WASPA.

You have third-party applications such as Truecaller installed on your device, which blocks Zapper from sending your OTP code. Search for the below numbers in the third-party application to unblock Zapper and rest assured you will not be receiving any marketing communication from us via SMS.

  • Vodacom: 2782004809486
  • MTN: 27839210017032
  • Cell C: 27840035005
  • Telkom: 2781160001035005

Please check with your mobile network if your number is blocked from receiving messages from certain SMS providers, or call our Support team on +27 87 150 1001 for assistance.

Is there a fee to use the Zapper app?

There are no fees involved for users using the Zapper app. However, your normal bank card fees still apply.

Which bank cards are accepted on the Zapper App?

Bank cards on the Mastercard and VISA platform are accepted. The card must be activated for online purchases. Diners Club Cards and American Express are not supported on the app.

How do I add/remove a bank card on the App?

Launch your Zapper app and select the menu option (3 horizontal lines on the top left). Select payment methods from the list and click on ‘add card’. Add your card by scanning or adding the details manually and save accordingly. To remove a card, tap on the existing card and delete.

How do I set default card on the App?

Launch the Zapper App Tap on the menu option and select payment methods. Select the desired card and tick the ‘select as default’ box.

My payments keep declining, why?

Payments can be declined due to a few reasons. Please check the following examples:
1. Is your card activated for e-commerce transactions? If not, please contact your bank to activate this feature.
2. Does the merchant accept your card brand? Some merchants may not accept all card brands, e.g. Diners Club.
3. Does your card holder name consist of a hyphen? If so, please remove the hyphen from your card holder name and re-register the card.
4. Has your card expired? Please check the expiry date on your card.

What happens if my card is stolen?

When a bank flags a card as stolen, Zapper is notified and our fraud teams will stop the processing of any transactions and assist you / your bank as much as we can.

How do I update my email address on the App?

Launch the Zapper App Tap on the menu option (three horizontal lines on the top left corner) Tap on your name Update the email address and Save

What if I forget my password?

The “I forgot my password” feature will reset your password settings, keeping in mind that resetting your password will also clear all your account information and you will need to add your details again. Safety first!

What if my phone gets stolen/lost?

You can mail our Support team at support@zapper.co.za, requesting that your account be locked with immediate effect. Please provide us with the mobile number and email address you registered with, so that we’re able to access your profile.

How do I set a default tip amount?

Launch the Zapper app and tap on the menu option Select settings and adjust your tip amount.

How do I update my bank details?

Log into your merchant portal, click on the settings wheel and select ‘sign up documents’. Upload your new bank statement or bank letter that is not older than three months. Alternatively send your new proof of bank to support@zapper.co.za.

Do you offer discounts to Non Profits?

Yes we most certainly do. Non profits can enjoy all of the value and features of the Business plan for just R59 (excl VAT). Send us proof of your non profit status to nonprofit@zapper.com and will be gladly upgrade you to our Non Profit plan.

What happens after my Business trial period has ended?

You will continue to enjoy all of the value provided by Zappers Business plan and we will charge the monthly fee to your account.

How much will I be charged if I sign up for a paid price plan during the middle of the month?

We will bill you a pro rata for the days left in the month.
For example: Sign up on the 22nd of March. The free period of 30 days will end on the 21st of April. April has 30 days in the month, so you will be billed for 9 days. (199 / 30 * 9 = R59.70) As our fees are charged in advance, there will be 2 charges on your first statement that you would receive at the beginning of May, one for the pro rata fee and one for the next months fee.

Where can I find previous settlement information and tax invoices?

To check your statement history, please log onto your merchant portal, ‘My Records’ and enter the OTP sent to the owners phone.

When will I receive my invoice/statement if I am on a paid plan?

A statement will be sent out monthly on the 2nd working day of each month and will include all fees associated with your account.

What can I do on the merchant app?

You can check transactions history and create QR codes.

Am I able to view my transaction history?

Yes! Changing the date range in the Transactions tab gives you the ability to view transactions in the past. You can also print it out.

Can I use my Merchant Portal to confirm successful transactions?

Yes, transaction data refreshes every 5 seconds on the Live Transaction view.

I own more than one restaurant; how do I see all their transactions in one place?

We can setup a group view whereby you can view all transactions in one portal. Please speak to your Relationship Manager for more information.

How can I see the busiest time of the day in terms of sales?

The Average Sales By Time Of Day is displayed as heat map on the Dashboard.

How do I add/remove a number to receive SMS notifications?

Login to the Zapper Merchant Portal using your login username and password. • Click on the settings wheel on the top-right hand side to expose the drop-down menu • Select “Settings” • Click on “TRANSACTION NOTIFICATIONS” to expand the notification menu • Add or remove the numbers that you wish to receive the SMS confirmations

Can I add more than one number to receive SMS notifications?

One number can be added, if you add more there will be a charge of R30 per month per additional number. Alternatively, there is a merchant app that you can download from your app store.

The app allows people to rate me. Where do I find the outcome of the ratings and comments?

On the Live Transaction view, ratings and reviews are displayed next to the transaction information. The Ratings and Reviews tab in Merchant Portal allows you to filter and display specific outcomes.

How can I see my top customers?

The Dashboard tab displays the top 5 customers. The Customers tab display more and can be filtered by Spend, Visits or Vouchers.

Can I send a voucher to a specific customer via the Merchant Portal?

Yes! This can be done on the Customers tab by selecting the envelope next to a customer’s name.

Am I able to contact a specific customer?

Yes! This can be done by clicking on the envelope next to the customer name in either the Ratings and Review tab or Customers tab. We will send them an in-app message on your behalf.

Once I have selected and downloaded My Payment Template, how can I add it into my invoice?

The template can be added to multiple accounting systems by inserting it as an image into your document.

Where can I obtain my Integrations Information for E-commerce?

  1. Login into your Merchant Portal using your username and password.
  2. Click on the settings wheel and select ‘integrations’ from the menu.

Can I register my credit card for my Zapper settlements?

No, we can only settle funds to debit accounts.

Why does my account say unverified when I have uploaded all required documents?

The verification of your account can take up to 24 hours of a business day.

Where can I get my QR code?

Once your account has been verified, sign into your Merchant Portal using your username and password. Click on the Settings wheel and select ‘QR Code Manager’. Choose from several templates and download.