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Let's grow Fast.

With over a decade of experience and the potential to reach more than 15 million customers, we don’t just process payments, we use payments data to target *new* customers for you in your area, and keep *existing* customers coming back. On repeat.

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Payments. Plus Marketing.

Want more revenue?

You’re sitting on a gold mine; in a tough economy, with fierce competition, most customers require a nudge, a reminder, perhaps a voucher, or some reward for their loyalty. We’ll bring them to your door, all from the data you already have!


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A Payments Ecosystem

It doesn’t matter which partner you choose, the more ways to pay mean more revenue. Use us for QR codes, or for ECommerce, or even a Tap on Phone solution. We can do one for you – or them all – using our Tap-on-Phone feature in our mobile app. Smart, simple, affordable.

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The whole bang shoot. Online.

If you’re in ECommerce, we’ll handle your online payments beautifully, easily connecting your online store to a variety of key payment methods. Use our free plugins or create a custom payment solution with our simple API. Plus, explore Applinks and Digital Invoices for added convenience.

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Reach far, far, far and wide.

Connect with more than

30 million customers.

When you partner with the best names in South Africa, you 10X your reach. We’re offering you a fast-track to market to 30 million potential customers. Sound useful?

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with your customers.

A fact of human nature is that everyone likes to be seen. Your customers are no different. Deepen the connection to your brand through discounts, valuable vouchers, and in-app messages. We can do it all for you, it’s easy.

Quick Capital

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Fast funding. Flexible repayments. Surely not?

Whether times are tight, or you’re ready to grow, money matters. Get a ‘Quick Capital’ boost within 48 hours. This is flexible funding, no compound interest, and pay-it-back-as-you-trade. Oh, and no debit orders, no hidden fees!

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Trusted Partner

A staggering 31,000 South African businesses trust us to process payments and grow their revenue.

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Love to code?

Next to our ready-made and free plugins you can use our expansive yet simple API. Decide how you integrate payments, and build advanced, reliable products yourself. You’re the boss. Own it.

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