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The Waterside

"Technology plays a major part in all our lives and I am delighted to offer our customers the next wave with Zapper payments. Customers love the ease of use, staff love the customer interaction introducing Zapper and I love the instant ability to communicate with new and existing customers."

Louise WilliamsDirector, The Waterside Bistro, UK

What restaurants are saying

Burger and Lobster

"The staff have been very positive about the app and its ability to provide a more personal element to service, while taking away the operational burden associated with PDQ machines."

Burger and Lobster

Alexandra LeaGroup Marketing Manager, Burger & Lobster, UK


"One of the cornerstones in UDON is innovation, Zapper mobile payment solution is part of our commitment to improve continuously our client experience at every restaurant of the chain."


Jordi VidalOwner, UDON, Spain

Maiko Sushi Lounge

"As a server, Zapper has made my job easier in a few different ways. When I am busy my guests can easily pay their bill without me having to swipe a card. The customer can pay and leave whenever they want. Zapper also helps me get a higher tip percentage by using the application. I believe everyone should use Zapper as this would result in happy customers and happy employees!"

Maiko Sushi Lounge

NicoleServer, Maiko Sushi Lounge, Barcelona

Pacific Rim Sushi

"Paying with your smart phone is here and is the way of the future. Paying with Zapper has made an impact with our customers. They love it and so do we. In addition to that, the support we get from the Zapper team is top notch!"

Pacific Rim Sushi & Yakitori Lounge

Rolando OsorioOwner, Pacific Rim Sushi & Yakitori Lounge, USA

La Patagonia

"Zapper helps us handle busy days by allowing clients to scan and pay their bills. Also, Zapper encourages customers to dine with great discounts. It is very easy to use and we are over the moon with this payment system."

La Patagonia

MilaGeneral Manager, La Patagonia, London

El Sol Y La Luna

"I am happy to provide a new method of payment, which helps me to be more efficient - a method that my clients trust and is practical to use. As a customer I found the best customer service with Zapper. They have been attentive to every detail during the transition. I'm part of the future thanks to Zapper."

El Sol Y La Luna

Felix Jimenez-GamezOwner, El Sol Y La Luna, USA

Doppio Zero

"At Doppio Zero - we strive to always stay on trend within all aspects of the business - whether that be with the different ingredients that make up our fresh delicious food, or the service levels we aim to provide all of our customers. Zapper is no different in that it gives us the opportunity to give our customers a payment tool that is easy to manage, user friendly and keeps us on track with the latest cutting edge technology. A company that goes above and beyond to assist us in streamlining our restaurants..."

Doppio Zero

Tarryn Leigh NashMarketing Coordinator, Doppio Zero, South Africa

London Fine Dining Group

"Innovation is extremely important within the restaurant sector, especially within the London marketplace. London Fine Dining Group and our restaurants such as Belgravia's Zafferano have been at the forefront of the luxury dining market for over 20 years. Gaining valuable insight on customers for the first time whilst being able to enhance levels of personal service and communicate in a fresh, highly dynamic way makes Zapper an invaluable asset for any restaurant business."

London Fine Dining Group

Giorgio AbisGroup Operations Director, London Fine Dining Group, London

Pecado Carnal

"Having the Zapper team support helps me focus on improving my customers experience at the restaurants. Zapper is the future in payment solutions and I would like to be a part of the future."

Pecado Carnal

Alexander GrayOwner, Pecado Carnal, Spain


"Initiatives like this should happen for often. It's very easy and comfortable to pay with Zapper, our clients are very happy to use it. Zapper benefits: time, agility, comfort and efficiency."

Marc SolerManager, 2254, Barcelona

Bus Station

"More and more customers pay with Zapper, as a result, waiters spend less time charging the bills and my clients wait less to be free to go. I thank Zapper and congratulate the team."

Santiago TorrubianoOwner, Bus Station, Madrid


"From day one Tento has bet on quality, innovation and customer experience. Zapper helps us get closer to our customers."

Vivasvan ChangoManager, Tento, Barcelona

Palo Alto Market

"Some of the values of Palo Alto Market are excellence, talent and innovation. To remain so, we have incorporated Zapper as a payment solution for our more than 15.000 guests. From Palo Alto Market we look forward to continue growing together!"

Paula MariscalProject Manager , Palo Alto Market, Barcelona


"Since the first day we started using Zapper in our Cafe, we realized how helpful it is to speed the payment and checkout process which allows us offer a better service in busy days, we are going to open 2 other Cafes and Zapper will be our partner."

Santiago GodfridOwner, Celicioso, Madrid

Nook Corner Coffee Shop

"We were approached by Zapper mid February about us having Zapper in our coffee shop. Already having a PDQ machine and 3 cash points within 50 meters of my business I didn't really think I needed it. Also I'm a little bit of a techno phobia, so wasn't sure I'd be able to make it work. However, once it was explained I could see that this really was the way that payments would go within the next few years. Being extremely competitive I knew I wanted us to be one of the first businesses in the area to be able to say we had it. Giving us an edge over the competition. Three weeks on, I've customers that use it every day, buying a Latte on the way to work, or something at lunch, so it's not just 'eat in' customers that are attracted by it. Some of my regular 'take out' customers have actually 'ZAPPED' and paid, before the milk is steamed for their coffee, amazing."

Nook Corner Coffee Shop

Sharon PoleOwner, Nook Corner Coffee Shop, Leicester

T-Loc's Sonora Hot Dogs

"The technology provides quick payments and easy access! The thing I like about Zapper is that there is no need to stop what you are doing while the customers pay. Once the payment is done, I get a confirmation SMS with the customer's name which I can use to address them by. Zapper is very supportive and continuously checks on the well-being of my business. I appreciate Zapper's team for making that personal connection with the business owners. Associates go out of their way to meet our needs and assure customer service."

T-Loc's Sonora Hot Dogs

Miguel KaiserOwner, T-Loc's Sonora Hot Dogs, USA

Sí Señor

"I was one of the first customers who believed in Zapper and I've been able to see the evolution of the business. I've recommended Zapper to all my friends who own restaurants."

Antonio MartínezOwner, Sí Señor, Madrid


"When I was introduced to Zapper for the first time, I saw the value for my business. This together with the great team of Zapper, makes me feel every month more satisfied with the tool."

Igor GarmendiaOwner, Gastrocaravana, Madrid

San-Wich Foodtruck

"I liked Zapper when I saw the team behind it was formed by responsible and committed people, I am somewhat reluctant to change the way of working of my foodtrucks, but each day I see more of my clients paying with Zapper and therefore more value to the App."

Ricardo SaezOwner, San-Wich Foodtruck, Madrid

La Panza es Primero

"It took me time to decide to work with Zapper because we are a large group of restaurants, but I see that I made a wise decision, as it gives value to my clients and saves time to my waiters. Thanks Zapper!"

Jorge MarínOwner, La Panza es Primero, Madrid

Maiia Thai

"I trusted the product from the beginning, I am a person technologically advanced and found in Zapper a great solution, and plus my clients love it ;)"

Marisel DemafelisOwner, Maiia Thai, Madrid

La Pepa

"We have our restaurant in a new district, with young people who almost everyone has a smartphone, we imagined a good reception, but we were surprised to see that older people also uses it, it's very useful."

Manuel HernándezOwner, La Pepa, Madrid

La Rubia y la Morena

"With Zapper I've managed to attract a type of audience that wouldn't come to my restaurant, usually the clients that pay with Zapper return and have a higher ticket. We love Zapper."

FernandoOwner, La Rubia y la Morena, Madrid

Habibi Café

"I've been working with zapper for several months and I can only say positive things. Zapper has helped me gain loyal clients and attract new ones. We made a joint promotion with a great reception. I hope this is the beginning of a long collaboration."

Marc ArribasOwner, Habibi Café, Barcelona

Pasta Gansa

"New payment method, fast and safe!"

Marc AlberOwner, Pasta Gansa, Barcelona

Támara y Canela

"Zapper is a quick and simple tool that allows us to ease the payments at the restaurant, I think it will be the payment tool of the future"

Roger AlemanyOwner, Támara y Canela, Spain

Dehesa de Santamaria

"Zapper is our new payment method, convenient, fast, safe and modern. It also allows me to know better my customers"

Arnau GomezOwner, Dehesa de Santamaria, Barcelona

La Ceva

"A new and modern way to pay and manage customers"

Andreu CalatayudOwner, La Ceva, Barcelona

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